Need a good idea for a winter 2016 short trip in Tuscany? Giglio Island

It’s time to spend a really pleasant winter 2016 short trip. But you don’t know where. What about Giglio Island, Tuscany? If you like this idea (you won’t be disappointed), we have a four-days itineraries which will allow you to discover some of the most beautiful places of the island.

  1. Giglio Porto and Giglio Campese. You will spend the first part of the day visiting Giglio Porto: here, the things to see are cala del Saraceno (a beach), torre del Saraceno (a tower), chiesa dei Santi Lorenzo e Mamiliano (church) and the three wards (Chiesa, Moletto and Saraceno). In the afternoon, you will visit Giglio Campese: the homonymous beach (one of the most beautiful of the island), the torre di Campese, the sea stack, the chiesa di San Rocco al Campese.
  2. Giglio Castello. This small and charming Medieval village is located in the heart of Giglio Island. It is immediately recognizable thanks to the imposing bulk of the Rocca aldobrandesca. You will spend the second day walking through its narrow streets and squares.
  3. Giannutri. It is a small island near Giglio. To visit to immerse yourself in a almost completely unspoiled nature: among the things to see on Giannutri, there are the remains of the Roman villa, the lighthouse and cala dello Spalmatoio (a cosy cove).
  4. Punta di Capel Rosso. For the last day, if the weather is fine, you need trekking shoes. There’s a paved road that will bring you from Giglio Campese to punta di Capel Rosso, the southernmost promontory of the island. The walk will take about two hours. And here you will admire an unforgettable and breathtaking panorama.

Now that you have your itinerary for this winter 2016 short trip, there’s only one thing left to do: book a ferry ticket to Giglio Island.


Image source: Di Poul Krogsgård – eget værk, Pubblico dominio,

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