Alternative routes: 5 wild beaches on Giglio Island

A different route to see the 5 most beautiful wild beaches of the island of Giglio where you can abandon yourself to total relaxation, snorkeling and swimming in crystal clear waters.

The discovery begins here.

  1. Cala del Lazzaretto: a small bay near the Lazzaretto tower, built in ‘700 for those who came from abroad and was suffering of contagious diseases. A charming and intimate glimpse, with a strong wild footprint, not far from the village of Giglio Porto.
  2. Caldane beach: a large and quiet bay, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub which gives to the beach, with thin and soft sand, a unique charm. To get there you need to walk more than 20 minutes or by sea.
  3. Cala Cupa: among the most beautiful wild beaches on Giglio Island. The beach is small, the water clear but full of rocks sticking out of the sea: this makes it ideal for snorkeling. It is located near Giglio Porto harbor.
  4. Cala del Corvo: it is on the western side of the island and is a rather wild bay. The nature here, especially in the seabed, among the rocks, is generous for colors and forms. This is the ideal place for snorkeling. The landscape is rocky and steep.
  5. Cala Smeralda: the name promises the wonder that opens before the eyes of travelers. Crystal clear waters with garish shades ranging from green to blue and rocky coastline. There is no sand.

Let the most beautiful wild beaches of Giglio Island will seduce you with their splendor.


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