Why Giglio Island is a great idea for a vacation? 5 reasons to visit it

This is your “Summer doubt”. Because you’d like to visit it but you have not yet decided. Well, if your question is why spend a vacation on Giglio Island, we can clear up your doubts: there are at least five good reasons to book the trip immediately.


1. Because the beaches are wonderful

In particular, its most beautiful beaches: they are cala dell’Arenella, spiaggia delle Cannelle, spiaggia di Campese, cala delle Caldane and cala degli Alberi. These five beaches are simply unforgettable and very easy to reach. The largest is spiaggia di Campese, a sandy beach on the west coast.


2. Because there are several coves…

…if you like to enjoy the sea in non-crowded (and, for this reason, even more special) places. The rugged coastline of Giglio Island is, literally, dotted with coves. They’re not so easy to reach but, we can assure you, you will not regret. Need some advices? The must-see coves are Cala smeraldo and cala Pozzarelli.


3. Because Giglio Island is a paradise for sport enthusiasts

Diving, trekking, game fishing, snorkeling, kite surfing, bouldering: these are the sports that you can practice on Giglio Island. If for you holidays are synonym of activities en plain air or means exploring a sea rich in life and colours, you have found the destination for you.


4. Because it’s an idea for a vacation with family

On Giglio Island you will find everything you may need for an unforgettable holiday with family: sandy and easy-to-reach beaches, with all the services; the possibility to move around by public transport; several small towns and villages to see.


5. Because the cuisine is delicious

A holiday will never be complete if you don’t taste the typical recipes of the chosen destination. And Giglio Island is no exception. The culinary specialties that you have to taste are pesce in scaveccio, cacciucco, coniglio alla cacciatora, totani ripieni, panficato.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/gioanola

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