What to see during a day trip in Giannutri Island

What to see in GiannutriIt is a small island that lies about 15 kilometers from Giglio Island, in front of Argentario peninsula. An unspoiled and somewhat wild that still retains traces of its ancient history. And during an excursion to Giannutri island, these are the things to see.

Coves – The coast of Giannutri is almost entirely rocky and rugged. With two exceptions: Cala Spalmatoio in the north-east coast and Cala Maestra in the north-west coast. Both are small not-sandy beaches within the homonymous creeks. Cala Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra are also the only two landings on the island.

Roman villa – Near Cala Maestra there are the remains of an ancient Roman villa dating back to the second century AD. Was built by Domitii Enobarbi, ancient senatorial family of major traders, and is currently being restored. In the vicinity there are the remains of an harbor also dating back to Roman times.

The lighthouse of Giannutri – Perhaps less famous of the “lovers’ lighthouse” but rise in an equally impressive place. The lighthouse is located at the southern end of Giannutri island, near Punta Rossa (or Capel Rosso). It faces a steep cliff overlooking the sea.

Cala Spalmatoio – The name comes from the fact that this bay was used for storage and repair of ships, an operation that required the coating of pitch (spalmatura). Today in Cala Spalmatoio there is the highest concentration of houses and the only “piazza” of the island.

Wrecks and diving – For the most experienced diver, to see in Giannutri there would be two wrecks: the Anna White (40-50 meters deep) and Nasim (60 meters deep). In Punta Scaletta there is the remains of a Roman hull, while in the waters of Cala Spalmatoio there are Etruscan and Roman shipwrecks.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/voirellau

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