A weekend on Giglio Island: five must-see destinations

Giglio, a small beautiful island of the Tuscan Archipelago, is the perfect place for a weekend of sea, sun and relax. You can visit it all in a few days. All you have to do is rent a bike or a vehicle, and start your quest to discover its most distinctive and interesting attractions from the historical and naturalistic point of view.

In the following infographic, we have mapped out the five attractions you must see for an unforgettable weekend at Giglio.

  • Let’s start our itinerary by visiting the small town of Giglio Porto. It is the arrival point on the Island, as well as a picturesque village, where you can admire the well-known Tower of Saraceno and explore the many alleyways surrounded by colourful houses.
  • Cannelle Bay is the ideal beach to stop at for enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Its crystal clear waters make it a perfect place for families with children.
  • Caldane Beach is a true paradise not far from Cala delle Cannelle. However, as you will have to go through some tortuously winding roads to reach it, we do not recommend this beach to families with small children.
  • Visiting Giglio mines on the Franco promontory is a great way to spend an alternative afternoon and connect with the history of the island, which mining past has ancient roots. The surrounding area is ideal for a stopover at the beach.
  • Finally, we recommend a boat tour of the three Giglio Lighthouses, to circumnavigate the perimeter of the island and watch its coasts from a different perspective.

Choose the ferry to Giglio that suits you best and depart for the island.

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