What to eat during a holiday on Giglio Island: 7 culinary specialties to taste

The typical dishes of Giglio Island are several. And, during a holiday, it’s impossible to taste them all. But there are, at least, 7 culinary specialties that you absolutely have to eat.


1. Pesce in scaveccio

Probably, this is one of the first culinary specialties that you will ever taste during the holiday. It’s an antipasto, small fishes floured, fried and seasoned with a special sauce. This sauce is prepared with the oil used for frying, hot vinegar, raisins, garlic, rosemary and salt.


2. Cacciucco

You can’t spend a holiday on Giglio without tasting this typical dish. The cacciucco is a (very tasty) fish soup prepared with octopus, scorpionfish, mullet and other fishes of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s served with two slices of toasted bread.


3. Minestra di fagioli (bean soup)

Typical winter dish, you should taste it even in Spring and Summer. Cannellini beans and pasta are the main ingredients of the bean soup “alla gigliese”, flavoured with onion, celery, fennel and cabbage.


4. Olive sotto pesto

Named marinated olives in other parts of Italy, olive sotto pesto are prepared with olive oil, garlic, salt, fennel seeds, pepper, orange peel.


5. Coniglio alla cacciatora

Prepared with hot pepper, tomato sauce, white wine and white wine vinegar, the rabbit get a very special flavour.


6. Totani ripieni

The squids are filled with eggs, bread, milk, olive oil, garlic, parsley, mortadella.


7. Panficato

It’s the sweet par excellence of Giglio Island. The panficato is prepared with figs, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, grape jam, wine, orange peel, cinnamon, chocolate.


Now you know what to eat on Giglio Island. But do you really want to drink only water while you taste them? If you want to enjoy the real flavour of these seven culinary specialties, you have to drink a glass of Giglio Island’s wine.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/ikkinah

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