Venus, the beauty of nature, and the birth of Giglio Island

It is known that the Giglio Island’s beauty is without parallel. Are very few those who know that, according to a legend, this beauty derives from the goddess of love in person. It is told that Giglio Island was born thanks to Venus.

The legend says that one day the goddess Venus was having a nice dip in the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Emerging from the water, from her necklace fell seven pearls. Exactly as many as the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, disposed, by a top point of view, in what seems a sort of necklace.

How to discover the beauty of the Giglio Island, pearl donated to the sea by the goddess Venus? There are at least four ways:

  1. Beaches. The most beautiful beaches are: Arenella, Cannelle, Campese, Caldane e degli Alberi. Places very different each other, suggested for an holiday under the sign of relax and nature. Small, little known but for this even more special. The rugged coastline of the island of Giglio is dotted with coves and bays, accessible only by sea or along dirt trails.
  2. Coves. Small, little known but, for this, even more special. The rugged coastline of Giglio Island is dotted with coves and bays, accessible only by sea or by dirt trails.
  3. Villages. Giglio Campese, Giglio Porto e Giglio Castello. Like the beaches, slso these three places are very different but all charming and a must see during a vacation.
  4. Excursions. Giglio Island reserve places that are unrivaled. Among the most beautiful excursions that you can do in the island there are: Giannutri, the Palmenti, Cala dell’Allume, punta di Capel Rosso, the stack. All landscapes well balance between sea and hills.


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