The typical products of Giglio Island: holiday between wine and honey

A holiday is not complete without tasting the culinary specialties of the chosen destination. And, between the most beautiful beaches and the several excursions, don’t forget to taste the typical products of Giglio Island.



The white and the red. The first is the famous Ansonaco (white wine, dry, strong flavor and amber color). The second is the so-called “scelto del Giglio” (“the chosen of Giglio Island”, this red wine is full-bodied, intense flavor). These two wines are very different and they accompany different dishes: fish for Ansonaco, meat for scelto del Giglio.

During your holiday here, try to avoid an unforgivable mistake: accompany Giglio Island typical dishes only with the local wines, or the flavor will not be the same.



Flowers of rock rose, myrtle, helichrysum, heather and rosemary: all these flowers grow in the countryside and on the mountains of the island. These flowers give its distinctive flavor and its aromatic taste to the honey.



Perhaps they are the lesser-known among Giglio Island typical products. The jams are prepared using only fruits grown on the island.


Where can you find the typical products of Giglio Island? Go to one of the three localities on the island: in Campese, Porto and Castello you will find several small shops where to buy honey, wine and jam.


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