Tuscany in spring: 4 good reasons to spend a vacation to Giglio Island

Spring is forthcoming and your desire to travel awakens. Whether it’s the first time or you’ve visited it before, you are considering to spend a nice vacation to Giglio Island, Tuscany, in Spring. Well, There are, at least, four good reasons to book the trip.


1. Trails

Imagine this scene: the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, the colours of flowers, the spectacle of the sea. The trails of Giglio Island wind in these scenarios.

The trails are several and different: some are suitable for experienced walkers, others are suitable for those who want to enjoy a pleasant walk between the hills and the sea of the island. In Spring, you will find ideal conditions for hiking.


2. The views

What is that makes a vacation special? It’s memories. The memories of the places you have discovered, of the places you have visited, unforgettable views that a destination has given you.

You can admire some of the most beautiful panoramas of the island in these two places:

  • punta di Capel Rosso, at the southern end of the island
  • Giglio Castello, where you can admire the whole island from the top of the castle


3. Dive sites

Giglio Island is a destination able to satisfy all divers. The sea is full of life and colours. Its rugged coastline offers different underwater landscapes. All this, just near the Tuscan coast.

The dive sites are really numerous. But these seven places are the best dive sites of the island. And don’t forget one important thing: in Spring, Giglio Island is not crowded, and you will feel the sensation that its sea is waiting only for you.


4. Beaches

Spring stars at the end of March and ends at the end of June. And from early June you can see the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island: for a trip with your family or to immerse yourself in a pristine nature, the island has always the right beach for you.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/antoniocolosimo

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