Holiday in Tuscany: the best 6 sports to practice on Giglio Island

When you say Giglio Islands, in Tuscany, the first things that come to your mind are the sea, the coasts, and the beaches (of course). And for you, sport enthusiasts? Well, don’t worry: these are the six best sports that you can practice during this holiday on Giglio Island.

  • Diving. One of the most known sports. The sea of the island of Giglio, just beneath the surface, is an explosion of life and colours. Some of the most beautiful dive sites are secca dei Pignocchi, punta di Capel Rosso and scoglio di Pietrabona.
  • Trekking. The paths of Giglio Island are 31. If you are real hiker, the best trails, between the Mediterranean scents and colours of the sea, are three: poggio della Chiusa, poggio della Pagana and poggio Sassi ritti.
  • Game fishing. Surface fishing, fishing on a boat, fishing adrift and underwater fishing: these are the four kinds of game fishing on Giglio Island.
  • Snorkeling. To explore the sea of the island, wetsuit and cylinders aren’t the only way. Mask and snorkel may be enough: some of the best sites for snorkeling are cala dell’Arenella beach, cala degli Alberi beach and the small Giannutri islands.
  • Kite surfing. Some might say that Giglio Island is not a good place for this sport. Well, it’s not true. Because cala dell’Arenella beach and Campese beach are two great spots for kite surfing.
  • Bouldering. A less-known sport. The best place for bouldering is the hill near Fenaio lighthouse, in the north part of Giglio Island.


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