Tuscany: 5 good reasons to spend a holiday on Giglio Island in September

You are among the lucky persons who can spend their holidays in September? And you are still undecided on the destination of the trip? Then we can give you some good advices. Indeed, five. Just like (at least) five are the reasons to spend a holiday on Giglio Island.


1. The beaches aren’t crowded

The most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island are, obviously, the most crowded, especially in July and August, because everyone wants to see them. In September, the situation changes radically. There are fewer tourists and therefore you will feel the sensation that beaches and coves of the island are waiting only for you.


2. The climate is ideal for trekking

Or for any other type of sport that you can practice on Giglio Island. In particular, with the mild climate of September, the different trails are a real pleasure: they will give you unparalleled views.


3. It’s the right time for a romantic holiday

Giglio Island is cozy, intimate, charming, magical. In a word, romantic. In September, you can enjoy unforgettable sunsets, romantic dinners and walks.


4. The prices are much lower

This is not an insignificant detail, because the economic aspect of the holiday is important in any case. In September, prices are much lower, both for house/hotel/B&B and for the ferry trip to Giglio Island.


5. Relaxation is assured

Finally, there is another good reason to spend a holiday on Giglio Island in September: this place is just perfect if you need to disconnect from the daily routine and leave behind the stress.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/mirka_77

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