Between sea and mounts: New Year dinner during a vacation to Giglio Island

You have decided to spend the New Year’s Eve 2016 on Giglio Island. And, as you well know, this vacation requires the New Year’s dinner to be complete. In Giglio Castello there are many restaurants that will be proud to prepare Giglio Island typical dishes.

Do you need some ideas for the menu?

Antipasto – A great classic of Giglio’s cusine is pesce in scaveccio (shrimps, squids and anchovies with hot vinegar). If you prefer a more traditional dish, there are olive sotto pesto, alias olives marinated with garlic and olive oil. Very tasty is bonito in oil.

First course – You are on an island and then, on the table, the fish has a place of honor. As a first course of this New Year’s menu you can choose from pasta with fish sauce, pasta with sauce of lobster and pasta with limpets.

Second course: meat – The coniglio alla cacciatora is a Tuscan specialty. In addition to this, Giglio Island cuisine offers pork liver, meatballs in broth and snails with chili and tomato.

Second course: fish – Squid, bonito and salted codfish are the three main protagonists of Giglio Island sea. They are prepared in several ways: stewed, stuffed, with onion and/or potatoes.

Soups – You may decide to replace the first or second course with a soup. The first name that comes to mind is cacciucco, a fish soup prepared with scorpion fish, octopus, white wine, onion, parsley. Vegetable soup and limpets soup are worth trying.

Side dishes – If you like strong tastes, there’s cipollata, prepared with eggs and onions. The tomato salad is another great classic. Chicory fried in a pan is indicated for the meat.

Dessert – It’s New Year’s Eve and, for this reason, you have to taste panficato: it’s prepared with jam, fruit, walnuts, figs, flour and orange peel.

What you can drink during this New Year’s Eve dinner on Giglio Island? Obviously, a couple of glass of Ansonaco, the most famous among wines of Giglio Island.


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