The birth of Giglio Island and the granite boulder: a Tuscan legend

This legend begins with a great granite boulder sunk into the sea. Sirens told him that the light of the sun was wonderful. And the granite boulder wanted to see it.

Their story was fascinating. The granite boulder began to think that emerged world was wonderful, fantastic. Its desire was so strong that the stone liquefied. It became very light.

It began to rise to the surface. Until the boulder met the sunlight, and it closed its eyes. Until the boulder met the breeze, and it shivered with pleasure. When the boulder opened its eyes, it was enchanted by the beauty of the emerged world.

So much enchanted that it feared to sink back into the sea. It grabbed the land with a hand. The boulder immediately felt part of that beautiful and ancient land.

But mysterious forces were pushing it towards the deep. The boulder tried to resist. The sea took revenge: it cut off the arm with which the boulder grabbed the land. It remained so isolated, looking at that wonderful land.

The revenge of the sea didn’t end here. A mist covered the boulder, the mist that hides everything. But the sun dissolved the mist. Since then, the boulder has never lost sight of the mainland.

And, finally, the Mother earth implored the wind to carry seeds on the granite boulder. The boulder was covered with a lush green blanket on which  any form of life proliferated. Even the sirens singed with the seagulls flying along the coast.

This is one of the legends about the birth of Giglio Island. The protagonist of the other one is Venus.


Image source: “Aerial view of Isola del Giglio, 2006-06-04” di Sky Eckstrom – originally posted to Flickr as Some Island. Con licenza CC BY-SA 2.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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