Giglio Island, Tuscany: the legend of the mermaids that praise the sun

The granite boulder lived in the depths of the sea. But it had a great desire: to see, at least once, the sun. Because it heard the tales by the mermaids. And their story was fascinating.

In a time that has become legend, the mermaids were just common fishes. Magnificent but only common fishes. Then they, just like the granite boulder, desired to see the sun. Desired to admire the spectacle of the nature from the surface.

Touched by the sun, that fishes became beautiful and mythological beings. It was the sun to transform the emerged fishes in those wonderful creatures who bewitched the sailors. They bewitched them with their beauty. They bewitched them with their song: it is said that the mermaids began to sing for the great desire to thank the sun.

From there on, the mermaids sing every day in honor of the sun that gave her the opportunity to admire the spectacle of the sea surface, to swim near the coast that looked like a small paradise.


Image source: “Auburtin – Mermaids” by Jean Francis Auburtin – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

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