Where you can hike in Tuscany: Giglio Island is waiting for you

Trekking is your great passion. Both in winter and in summer, every occasion is good to take your hiking boots and book the trip. Do you need a handy destination with many trails? The place for you is in Tuscany: it’s Giglio Island.


The trails

Surely, somebody told you that Giglio Island is small. Don’t be fooled: the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea is crossed by 31 trails of varying length and difficulty. Each of them will give you a unique setting: barren hills, woods, fields and vineyards, lighthouses, cliffs overlooking the sea, small coves along the coast.


The 5 most beautiful paths

You should discover all these 31 trails. But time on vacation is usually limited. These are the five most beautiful paths that cross Giglio Island:

  • The sea stack
  • Cala dell’Allume
  • Towards Caldane beach
  • Punta di Capel Rosso
  • “Mineralogical paths”


The weather conditions

Giglio Island is characterized by a typical Mediterranean climate. This means that, thanks to the influence of the sea, temperatures are always very mild.


Before you go to Giglio Island

If you are expert or beginner hikers, caution must always be the first thing. Before you go to Giglio Island for your vacation dedicated to trekking, remember these 10 questions.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/respres

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