Trekking on Giglio Island: 3 trails to discover the most beautiful views

You surely know which are the hiking trails on Giglio Island, since for this reason this place will be the destination of your next vacation. And if trekking is your real passion, you will surely enjoy this 3 trails:

  1. Poggio della Chiusa. Located in the heart of the island of Giglio, this mountain is about 450 meters high. From the summit of Poggio della Chiusa, you can admire Giglio Porto, on the east coast of the island, and Argentario. There is a path, that takes about 40 minutes, which, from Giglio Castello, leads up to Le Porte passing near Poggio della Chiusa.
  2. Poggio della Pagana. 496 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak on Giglio Island. In the Fifties, maritime pines and stone pines were planted on its slopes. From Le Porte, a five hundred meters long uphill trail leads to the summit of the hill. You could join this trail with the first that we have proposed to you.
  3. Poggio Sasso Ritto. This is a quite difficult trail. Castellucci is a small village south of Giglio Castello. From Castellucci, a trail leads up to the summit of Poggio Sasso Ritto. To get there, it takes about one hour. It’s better to be in good conditions. And never forget: prudence first, always.


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