Summer 2018 on Giglio island: 3 things to do to make the holiday special

  • Published: 11-07-2018
  • Category: Events

summer 2018 Giglio Island

Summer 2018 has arrived. Have you decided to spend it on the beautiful Giglio island? In this case, let us give some good advice. Three, to be precise. Three like things to do absolutely during a summer vacation in this destination.


1. Enjoying the events

Every year, there are several traditional events that animate the summer on Giglio island. These are moments during which you can discover some of the most heartfelt traditions of the island, immerse yourself in its most suggestive atmospheres, touch the great attachment of the inhabitants of this destination and, of course, have fun. The main events of the summer of 2018 on the island of Giglio will be:

  • San Lorenzo, August 10th;
  • San Rocco, August 16th;
  • San Mamiliano, on September 15th;
  • The Festival of Grapes and open cellars, which is usually held on the last weekend of September.

In addition to these, several side events are also organized (for more information, see the official website of the municipality of Giglio Island,


2. Visiting the most beautiful beaches

What summer would it be without the chance to lie down comfortably on a soft blanket of sand and on the edge of a wonderful sea? This destination will be ready to satisfy your essential and sacrosanct request. These are the five most beautiful beaches of Giglio island:

  • Arenella cove;
  • Cannelle Beach;
  • Campese Beach;
  • Caldane cove;
  • Alberi cove.

Haven’t you satisfied your desire of sea yet? If you want to walk a little bit to get there (not everyone is easily accessible but it is worth it), there are also the coves of Giglio island.


3. Take unmissable excursions

At a short distance from Giglio island, there is a small island surrounded by unspoiled nature, Giannutri, an authentic, little naturalistic gem. The lighthouses are always suggestive, especially if you arrive after a walk admiring a beautiful blue sea. Speaking of panoramas, the peak of Capel Rosso is one of the most beautiful. And these are just some of the excursions to do during a holiday on Giglio island.


And now, what’s missing to really start your summer 2018 on Giglio island? It’s easy to say: you just have to book a place on one of the ferries to Giglio island.

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