Shoals, beaches and coves: snorkeling in Giglio Island

A clear sea full of life: it is for these reasons that Giglio Island is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the depths equipped just with a scuba mask and snorkel. And for snorkeling lovers, the best spots of Giglio Island are those suggested here below.

Diving – Some of the main spots for diving in Giglio Island are also suitable for those who want to dive themselves simply with scuba mask and snorkel. Can be mentioned punta Capel Rosso (the far south of the island), secca dei Pignocchi (in the bay of Giglio Campese), the rock of Pietrabona (in the homonymous bay).

BeachesThe most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island are five. Between these, the most suitable for snorkeling are definitely cala dell’Arenella (with its granite rocks), Cala degli Alberi (a small cove of rocks reached by sea) and cala delle Caldane (especially thanks to the many coves which open in nearby).

Giannutri – A small, wild and unspoiled island not far from Giglio. With the sole exception of Cala Maestra and Spalmatoio, the coast of Giannutri is completely rocky and rugged. A boat trip is the best way to find good spots for snorkeling.

Coves – These are the main snorkeling spots of Giglio Island. But they are certainly not the only ones. The coast of the island is a succession of small coves, often little known, many of which are accessible only by sea. All occasions that a snorkeling fan won’t miss moving along the coast Giglio Island.


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