Cala Smeraldo: the Emerald cove overlooking the sea of Giglio Island

Its name means “emerald cove”. And there is a very, very good reason if Cala Smeraldo in considered one of the most beautiful coves of the whole Giglio Island.

The cove – The reasons for which this cove is so famous? The color of the sea, emerald. There is no sand but only rocks of various dimensions. The water is so transparent that the shadow of the boats is projected on the bottom of the sea. If you want a place for a plunge in the sea and for complete relaxation, you found it.

Where it is – Cala Smeraldo is near one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island: it is Cannelle beach, south of Giglio Porto, which is the best starting point to visit the cove. However, reach it will not be a problem even if you are in one of the other localities on the island because you can use public transport.

Ho to get there – As already said, Cala Smeraldo is near Giglio Porto. In order to get there, you must take the coastal road towards south. You can see the coves from this road overlooking the sea. A dirt path leads up to the cove. Alternatively, you can reach the cove via sea with a boat excursion.


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