Shopping on Giglio Island: where you can find shops and boutiques

After the most beautiful beaches, the trails for hiking, the coves and the typical dishes, it is finally time for shopping: after all, it’s not a real holiday without some souvenirs. But do you know where are the shops on Giglio Island?


1. Giglio Porto

The first place is the village where the ferries to Giglio Island arrive. The promenade of Giglio Porto, in practice, is divided into two main streets: via Thaon de Revel and via Umberto I. Along these two streets you can find various types of shops: bazar, typical products, craft shops, boutique. For every need and every budget.


2. Giglio Castello

Accompanied by the imposing Rocca aldobrandesca, the shopping streets of Giglio Castello (the location in the heart of Giglio Island) are via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Roma. Here you will buy the best souvenirs to give your friends.


3. Giglio Campese

The third place for shopping on Giglio Island is Giglio Campese, which is located along the west coast of the island. In this village, best known for the homonymous beach (the largest of the island), the shops are located between via di Mezzo Franco and the provincial road. Here you can find local products shops.


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