How is the sea of Giglio Island? Find it out with these photos

Beaches, clear and transparent water, lush vegetation leading down to the coast: this is the scene in which you dream of living your holiday dedicated to sun and relaxation. Giglio Island is the destination you are thinking about. But before you book your trip, you want to know how is the sea of this place.


Giglio Island photos

It is the best way to say how is the sea of Giglio Island: you can watch these 20 photos, pictures of some of Giglio Island most beautiful places. There’s no need to say that beaches and coves are the most important attractions of this destination.

Now you can get an idea of how is the sea of Giglio Island.


The most beautiful beaches

These photos are just a taste, to convince you that the sea around the island is among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Now you are ready for the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island: Campese, Arenella, degli Alberi, Cannelle, Caldane. They are worthy of a visit.



You have seen the beaches but your holiday by the sea is not over yet. Because there are the several (and unforgettable, of course) coves of Giglio Island. Dell’Allume and Pozzarelli are the most famous but the coast of the island is a succession of small beaches and coves.


How to get to Giglio Island

Now you know how is the sea of Giglio Island. And there is only one thing that you have to do: book a ferry ticket to Giglio Island.


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