The most beautiful dive sites in Giglio Island

Diving into a blue sea, full of life. In a destination where nature is the uncontested sovereign, and where you can enjoy a holiday entirely dedicated to sports and relax. Scuba diving on Giglio Island will be a delight for all divers, even the most experienced. In the following list, you can find the most beautiful dive sites of the Island.

Secca dei Pignocchi – Inside the bay of Giglio Campese, one of the most known scuba diving sites in Giglio Island. It is a sandbank parallel to the shoreline, with large granite boulders that reach around 40 meters depth.

Punta delle Secche – Between punta Fenaio and the beach of Campese. The sandbank, which is located near the coast, is especially interesting for its western side, toward the open sea.

Secca della Croce – You reach it by going north from Giglio harbour. After passing Punta Gabbianara and Punta della Campana you can glimpse a large rock emerging from the sea with a deep cut in the shape of a cross (hence the name). The dive starts from the slope of this rock offshore.

Secca Zampa di Gatto – On the eastern side of Giglio Island, in the stretch of sea between Punta Torricella and Punta Corbaia. The sandbank is populated by sponges and sea fans.

Punta del Capel Rosso – It is located in the extreme south of the island of Giglio. Once the boat anchored in the bay just below the lighthouse, you can see large granite rocks and rocky ridges on the seabed.

Scoglio di Pietrabona – It is located in the homonymous cove. The rock Pietrabona stands little off: its walls fall into the blue sea up to fifty meters depth.

Scoglio del Corvo – It is located along the western side of Giglio Island. You can dive along the west side of the rock until you reach a rock wall, in the open sea, which reaches a great depth.

These are some of the best scuba diving sites in Giglio Island. We should add to the list also other places, such as Tralicci, Punta del Fenaio, Cala Monella, Punta del Morto, Cala Cupa, le Scole.


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