Holidays in Giglio Island: a plunge at Caletta del Saraceno

You’re in Giglio Porto, just got off from the ferry. And you just want to leave your suitcases in the hotel and go to one on of the most beautiful beaches in Giglio Island. But let us give you a suggestion, because in Giglio Porto there’s a special place: it’s Caletta del Saraceno.


Caletta (the cove)

You can admire it in this photo. It’s a cove, not very big, surrounded by rocks. The houses that are just before it let it look like more beautiful. In a certain way, it represents the best that  Giglio Island can offer to its visitors: uncontaminated nature and picturesque villages where you can feel a sort of ancient atmosphere.


Where it is

Caletta del Saraceno is also easy to reach. It’s just south of Giglio Porto. There’s a little road between the dwellings that  pass through the cove. There are some steps that take from the road directly to the cove.


And then, after the Caletta del Saraceno?

The Saraceno one is not the only. You can visit all the other coves in Giglio Island. There are two you mustn’t miss: the first is Cala dell’Allume, the second is Cala Pozzarelli. You won’t regret, we can gurantee.


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