Giglio Island 2017: the commemoration of San Mamiliano dei Turchi

  • Published: 6-10-2017
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commemorazione San Mamiliano dei Turchi 2017

It’s been more than two hundred years since what happened on November 18, 1799. That day, the citizens of the island of Giglio did a great honor by facing an enemy in overwhelming majority. A story commemorated every year, always on November 18th, and so will be in 2017. We are talking about the history and legend of San Mamiliano dei Turchi.


The history and legend

It’s necessary to make a step back to that November 18, 1799. The Tunisian assailants arrived in the bay of Giglio Campese. There were so many, too many for the Gigliesi defenders, “few in number and almost unarmed”. From Campese tower, the soldiers escaped by mistake.

The Tunisians reached the walls of Giglio Castello. The defenders shot for more than seven hours from the towers of the castle. They did not surrender. And they made it.

Here, history becomes legend. On that fateful day, St. Mamilian made appear an army of soldiers that frightened the their enemies and put them to flight.


The commemoration

Every year on November 18th, Giglio Castello remembers this historic event with a church parade that winds along the walls and the blessing with the relic of St. Mamiliano facing Giglio Campese, from where the attackers came. Then, music, performances and tasting of typical products.


The Giglio Island

The commemoration day will be Saturday. A perfect occasion to organize a weekend on the Giglio Island and discovering a land that, even in the fall, has so much to offer: you only have to book your ferry trip.


More information

For more information on the commemoration of the legend and history of St. Mamiliano of the Turks (complete program, how to attend, dates etc.), please visit the official website of the town of Isola del Giglio,


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