Giglio Island: the 2017 edition of San Mamiliano feast

  • Published: 9-08-2017
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San Mamiliano feast 2017 Giglio Island

Giglio Island in September is still a wonderful destination for a holiday Dedicated to relaxation and tranquillity. And, above all, dedicated to discover traditions and customs of the island. Exactly what awaits you during the 2017 edition of San Mamiliano feast, which will take place on September 15th.


The legend

Mamiliano was the bishop of Palermo in the Fifth century. He took refuge in a monastery on Montecristo Island in order to avoid the persecution of the Vandals. At his death, the body was brought to Giglio Island, in the place where Castello village rises.

At night, a group of persons (they came from Elba and Genoa) tried to steal the body. There was a fight. The body of the saint was divided into several parts. The people of Giglio Island took the forearm of the saint, venerated as a relic. This episode has become one of the most famous legends of Giglio Island.


The feast

On September 15th, celebrations begin in Giglio Castello, the town located in the heart of the island.

  • The celebrations begin with the Holy Mass. Immediately afterwards, the procession brings the forearm along streets and squares of Giglio Castello.
  • In the afternoon, there is the traditional palio dei somari (literally, “palio of the donkeys”): the protagonists of the challenge are the four districts of Giglio Castello (Centro, Cisterna, Casamatta, Rocca).
  • In the evening, fireworks show by the sea.
  • Celebrations will last four days. Every day, people usually gather in the square to dance the traditional quadrille.


Further information

For further information about the 2017 edition of San Mamiliano feast (complete program, any changes), you can visit Giglio Island municipality official website,


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