The ancient Roman “murenario”: one of the less known places on Giglio

You surely recognized the cove in the image. If this is not the case (and it’s a real pity because it means you have never seen it), it’s Saraceno cove, in Giglio Porto. And not many people know that here, in the past, there was a flourishing Roman “murenario” (a tank used as a moray farm).

In fact, this little beach is also known with the name Cala delle Murene (literally, “morays cove”). Near the cove there was a large Roman villa with a cetaria, a tank used as a fish farm. In particular, it was used to satisfy the gastronomic needs of the richest inhabitants of the villa.

After all, this Roman villa is one of the less known places in the island, almost unkown both for the inhabitants and the tourists. In the surroundings were found skeletons, coins, ornaments, and lead water pipes which seems were used to deliver the water to the villa.

Today the Roman murenario almost doesn’t exist anymore. But Saraceno cove is still there, and not so far from the dock of Giglio Porto. And there’s a little road that pass right behind the cove. The access is granted by some small steeps on the road.


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