Renting a car on Giglio Island: here’s what you need to know

To get around Giglio Island, better car or walk? It is a very common doubt among those who have chosen this beautiful island for their next holiday. And your preferred solution is the first. For this reason, you need information about renting a car.

  • The cars on the island. Especially in summer, usually, there are specific limitations to bring the car to Giglio Island. Precisely for this reason, on Giglio Island, there are very few possibilities to rent a car.
  • The scooter. Perhaps, this is the best and most funny way of getting around the island. In Giglio Porto, where the ferries to Giglio Island dock, you have the possibility, near the port, to immediately rent a scooter and begin to visit the island.
  • The alternative. It is the public bus service. In this way, you can get to any point of the island, including the main towns and the most beautiful beaches. Tickets can be purchased at newsstands, tobacco shops and ice cream parlours.
  • An island to discover. And after choosing the way to get around, there is an island to discover. In particular, these eight are considered the most beautiful places on Giglio Island and you really should visit them during this holiday.
  • Further information. For further information about any limitations to rent or bring a car on Giglio Island, please visit the comune di Isola del Giglio official website,


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