One week on Giglio Island, Tuscany: 7 days of sea, sport and traditions

We recommend you to stay in Giglio Porto, on the east coast, where ferries to Giglio Island dock. It’s a really strategic place because, from this village, you can easily reach every part of Giglio Island. And so your one-week holiday begins.

  • First day: Giglio Porto. Torre del Saraceno (a tower), chiesa dei Santi Lorenzo e Mamiliano (a church) and the three districts (Chiesa, Moletto and Saraceno) are the most characteristic places of Giglio Porto. Nearby, there are three wonderful beaches: cala del Saraceno, cala delle Cannelle and cala dell’Arenella.
  • Second day: Giglio Castello. In the heart of the island of Giglio. Giglio Castello is an ancient medieval village built on a hill: the places to see are the Rocca aldobrandesca (a high fortress), the imposing defensive walls, Piazza della Rocca. Walking along the road from Castello to Campese, you will find the so-called palmenti, small stone building used by farmers for pressing grapes.
  • Third day: Giglio Campese. The first thing to see here is the homonymous sandy beach, one of the most beautiful of the island. The visit to Giglio Campese is completed by torre di Campese (a tower), faraglione (a sea stack) and chiesa di San Rocco al Campese (a church).
  • Fourth day: punta di Capel Rosso. It’s the southernmost point of Giglio Island. From Giglio Campese, there’s a paved road that leads to punta di Capel Rosso. By feet, it takes about two hours. From this promontory, you will admire one of the most amazing sights that Giglio Island can offer you.
  • Fifth day: sport. Diving, trekking, game fishing, snorkeling, kite surfing, bouldering: these are the six sports that you can practice on Giglio Island. Just choose your favourite one and spend the fifth day.
  • Sixth day: Giannutri. It’s a small island near Giglio, reachable by boat tour from Campese and from Porto. You will visit a real naturalistic jewel, with pristine coves (such as cala dello Spalmatoio and cala Maestra) and the ruins of an ancient Roman mansions.
  • Seventh day: the legends. Before you return home, there are four legends that you should reed: the granite boulder, San Mamiliano dei Turchi, la bella Marsilia, San Mamiliano and the dragon. And then visit these place, that will become even more fascinating.


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