A trip in October in Giglio Island: 5 reasons to visit it

You’re organizing your agenda so that you’ll have some free days in October. You want to do a little trip and you want to know more about Giglio Island, considering the fact you’ve never been there. Well, you should know that there are 5 good reasons to visit this island in October.


1. Prices are very lower

It’s an important thing. The high season is over, and the prices to book a hotel, a b&b or an apartment are lower. And also the ferry trip will be cheap.


2. The climate is perfect

The average maximum temperature in Giglio Island in October is 17°C. While the minimum is about 12°C, so it’s a bit cold in the evening (better be prepared). During the day, the temperature will let you walk along the island easily, especially in sunny days where you can admire the nature of Giglio island.


3. The Island is less crowded

It’ll be like Giglio island is waiting just for you. Long walks in the nature, slow rhythms, so many typical dishes to taste. In other words, October in this destination is the perfect month for a totally relaxing holiday, to keep the stress away. Once you’ll come back home, you’ll feel better.


4. It’s a perfect moment for sport

We already talked about the 17°C temperature. You just have to wear apt clothing and you’ll be ready to walk along the paths of Giglio island: there are many, with different difficulty and length, with wonderful panoramas over the island.

Do you prefer discovering the beauties of the sea with the wetsuit and the mask? Also in this case, Giglio island can satisfy you: the most beautiful immersions are seven, from Secca dei Pignocchi to Scoglio del Corvo.


5. And if you’ll be particularly lucky…

…in Giglio island in October you can go to the beach: sunny and hot days are not rare, so you can dive in the sea of one of the most beautiful beaches in Giglio island.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/gioanola

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