Giglio Island New Year’s Eve 2015: traditions and places to visit

  • Published: 23-12-2014
  • Category: Events

The ancient traditions, songs and dances, the picturesque villages, places to see and to discover. And the toast in the square. This is New Year’s Eve 2015 on Giglio Island.


Square dance

Square dance is a traditional Giglio Island dance. All its people know the dance steps, and are willing to teach them to the visitor who wants to learn, and any time is a good time to make a square dance. Occasions such as New Year’s Eve: during this period a lot of square dances take place in the villages of the island.



Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello, Giglio Campese and Giannutri: these are the four Giglio Island localities. Picturesque places with unique atmospheres. Such as Giglio Porto, a fishing village, and Giglio Castello, the imposing Rocca aldobrandesca, the walls and the towers. Places that become full of lights and colors.


Nenia di Capodanno

Nenia di Capodanno (“New Year’s Eve lullabye”) is a traditional song of Giglio Island. Several music bands play the Nenia di Capodanno in the streets.


Toast in square

The most important moment of New Year’s Eve 2015 on Giglio Island is the toast in Gloriosa square. An occasion to hold together and to welcome 2015.


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