New Year’s Day chant: an ancient tradition of Giglio Island

The new year has just begun. On Giglio Island, it is possible to feel a different and special atmosphere. A different atmosphere which is celebrated by an ancient tradition, still alive thanks to its originality: it is the tradition of New Year’s Day chant.

The text of this chant is very ancient and is handed down orally from generation to generation. The first day of the year, groups of young people gather in the street. They sing and play the New Year’s Day chant of Giglio Island, accompanied often by other people who look out the window and listen to this charming chant.

These young people, usually, sing near the homes of some families. They formulate wishes, invoke the blessing of heaven on the family, praise the beauty of the hosts. And, finally, they perform in a waltz composed by local musicians.

During Christmas time, Giglio Island is covered with a special atmosphere. An intimate, cozy atmosphere. New Year’s Day could be the best end of your Christmas vacation to this island. In this way, walking along the streets of Giglio Castello, you will hear the notes of the song that resounds through the ancient stone houses.


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