New Year’s Eve 2016 on Giglio Island: only relaxation and slow rhythms

  • Published: 1-12-2015
  • Category: Events

You wish to spend New Year’s Eve 2016 in a different way: no stress, no crowd, no commotion. You are imagining yourself immersed in the slow rhythm of a quiet and relaxing place. In this case, we welcome you on Giglio Island.


1. Landscapes

Giglio Island reserves lovely places: Giglio Castello, the stack, Capel Rosso promontory, the cove of Saraceno. For the last day of December, you will walk immersed in the most captivating calm and silence, accompanied only by the soft undertow of the sea.


2. New Year’s Eve dinner

A charming and picturesque restaurant built in the narrow and ancient streets of Giglio Castello. Go in and you feel more relaxed. A friendly waiter hands you the menu with typical dishes of Giglio Island. Can you imagine a better way to begin new year?


3. Fireworks

From Giglio Castello, it takes few minuties to reach Giglio Porto, on the east coast, or Giglio Campese, on the west coast. One of these two places, usually, is chosen as the location for the fireworks show on the seafront.


4. New Year’s Eve song

It is one of the oldest traditions of Giglio Island. The first day of the year, the young gigliesi sing along the streets of Giglio Castello and perform a waltz composed by local musicians.


Relaxation, uncontaminated views, tranquility, silence: this is the New Year’s Eve 2016 on Giglio Island.


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