Getting around Giglio Island: the 5 solutions for your next holiday

getting around Giglio Island

There are several reasons to choose Giglio Island as a destination for your holiday. But how to get around once you have arrived? To not miss any of the beauties of this island, there are five possibilities to discover beaches, towns, coves and panoramas.


How to get

It’s very easy to get to Giglio Island: reach Porto Santo Stefano and, from here, take one of the many ferries that connect the mainland and the island. There are several departures throughout the day and the trip takes about one hour.

Porto Santo Stefano is also very easy to reach: you can get there by car (taking the Aurelia), by train (the station is Orbetello-Monte Argentario), by plane (but consider that the nearest airports are Pisa, Fiumicino and Ciampino).


How to get around

  • Car or motorcycle. You can take a car, a motorcycle or another vehicle on a ferry to Giglio Island. For further information about Giglio island traffic law (especially during July and August) visit Comune di Isola del Giglio official website,
  • Public transport. Giglio Castello, Giglio Porto and Giglio Campese are the three Giglio Island villages. These three places are reachable by the public transportation service (autobus). For further information (timetable and tickets), visit the official website
  • Rental. There are several car/scooter rentals in the three Giglio Island villages. For more information, visit official website.
  • Boat. In Giglio Porto there are several persons who wires out boats. They will bring you to see the most famous beaches or other points of Giglio island.
  • Taxi. The fifth solution to get around Giglio island is taxi. Maybe it’s a more expensive solution, but it is one of the handiest. You can find more information in the Giglio island localities.


What to do and to see

What to do once you have arrived on Giglio Island? At this point, we can suggest three different itineraries that will make you discover how unforgettable this island is:


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