Holidays in Giglio Island: the five most beautiful beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Giglio Island27 km of rocky coast, where there are bays and strands. Every corner is an authentic paradise for who is looking for sun, sea and relax in holiday. And so, here, we suggest you the five most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island.

Cala dell’Arenella – It is in the North-Eastern Coast of Giglio Island. It’s a big sandy white beach, recognizable by the big palm tree and by the panoramic view on Argentario. On the sides of the beach there are granite cliffs, and the most famous is Turtle cliff, because its form is like that a turtle shell.

Spiaggia delle Cannelle – On the Eastern Coast, near the locality of Giglio Porto. White sand and granite cliffs, this beach is considered among the most beautiful of the Island. It’s also one of the biggest and the most crowded beach of Giglio, easily reachable and with all comfort.

Spiaggia Campese – It is reachable by car in 15 minutes from Porto Giglio. This beach extends in a bay and it is certainly the biggest in the Island. The great feature of this beach is the color of sand, with pink reflections.

Cala Caldana – It’s also known as beach of Caldane, it is located near the beach of Cannelle. The landscape is composed by white sand and a rocky promontory covered by Mediterranean scrub. Close to the beach there a lot of small coves.

Cala degli Alberi – This is a rocky beach with many cliffs and for this reason it’s reachable by sea. If you are in a boat, carry on toward South to discover this side of the Giglio Island.

These are the five most beautiful beaches in Giglio Island. But there are not the only. There are many small beaches and bays, reachable only by sea, where you can relax under the sun.


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