Monticello-Arenella: a simple trail on Giglio Island

It starts from Monticello, through the heights near Giglio Porto. And seeing wonderful panoramas on sheer cliff, and smelling the Mediterranean scent, you arrive cala dell’Arenella, one of the most beautiful beaches on Giglio Island. This is one of the trails on Isola del Giglio, short and not so hard,  so it’s great for everyone who wants to have a pleasant walk.


The path

The starting point of this trail is Monticello, in the north of Giglio Porto. From the asphalt road, after about 6 hundred metres, follow the road signs to the 1a trail that are on your right. You can walk through all the trail in 25 minutes and it’s about 1,2 kilometres long, with a difference in altitude of 102 metres.

As an alternative, instead of following the road signs to 1a trail, you can simply walk on the asphalt road to cala dell’Arenella. It’s a bit longer (1,6 kilometres), but this trail is easier than the first.

Consider the fact that both trails can be walked trough back along, so from Arenella’s cave to Monticello. In this case the road is uphill, but it’s not so hard or tiring.


Some recommendations before you start:

  • Never overestimate your physical conditions
  • A lot of trails in Isola del Giglio are not suitable for mountain bikes
  • Always check that your equipment is in good conditions
  • Always take with you some water


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