Four good reasons for a May holiday on Giglio Island

Giglio Island in MayThe scent of spring that merges with the sea. The nature blooming and has bright colors. Ancient sites from which you can admire the blue tones and turquoise sea. All this is Giglio Island in May. And to enjoy a trip at this time there are at least four good reasons.

Excursions – Pleasant temperatures, not yet as hot as in summer, it is also hard to find bad weather: Spring is the ideal time for the long outdoor excursions. And the island of Giglio not lacking at all in the balance between the sea and the hills. As an example we can mention Capel Rosso, Giannutri (by boat) and the lovers’ lighthouse.

Beaches – Without even be too lucky, Giglio Island in May could also be ideal for the very first swim of the season. The most famous beaches are five: Arenella, Campese, Caldane, Cannelle, degli Alberi. But the coast is a succession of small and picturesque bays, each to be discovered.

Diving – Water sport enthusiasts will have many spots to dive into the sea of Giglio Island. Places such as secca Pignocchi, secca della Croce, punta del Capel Rosso, scoglio del Corvo. Some of these spots are also suitable for a dive just with scuba mask and snorkel.

Localities – Fourth reason to go on holyday in May to Giglio Island. In Giglio Island there are three towns: Giglio Porto, a city with a dual personality, commercial and traditional; Giglio Campese, that opens before the homonym as beautiful bay; Giglio Castello, dominated by the impressive body of the Rocca aldobrandesca.

During May, Giglio Island gives the best of himself. A show not to be missed by booking by time your ferry trip.


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