There are 5 reasons to spend May 1st on Giglio Island, Italy: here they are

May 1st in Italy: Giglio Island
May 1st, in Italy, is holiday. And it can become an opportunity to spend a pleasant three of four days vacation. Among the many destinations you’re considering, there is also Giglio Island. Well, in this case, you must know that there are, at least, five good reasons to choose it as a destination.

  1. Giglio Island is beautiful in spring. Simply, and this just would be enough to immediately book the trip. In this time of year, the island becomes a real paradise for trekking, diving, hiking and, in general, for those who like outdoor activities.
  2. Climate and temperatures are ideal. Ideal for both (as mentioned above) outdoor activities and for those who just want to relax for a few days. The climate of Giglio Island is particularly mild. In spring, temperatures are warm but not muggy, and rainfalls are very minimal (there are very few chances that your weekend will be ruined by bad weather).
  3. If you’ll be lucky, you could bathe in the sea for the very first time of the season. As you surely know, on Giglio Island, there are some wonderful beaches: for example, we can mention cala dell’Arenella and spiaggia delle Cannelle. Even if you cannot swim in the sea, you’ll admire wonderful views and, perhaps, you’ll also find a good idea for the next summer holidays.
  4. In spring, there’s no crowd of tourists. Crowd of tourists who, usually, is on the island especially in summer. While, in this season, you’ll feel the sensation that Giglio Island is there just for you.
  5. There are culinary specialties that you really should taste. Just to mention the most important: cacciucco (fish soup), minestra di fagioli (bean soup), coniglio alla cacciatora (rabbit), panficato. Of course, these dishes can be tasted throughout the year, not only in May. But no vacation is complete without discovering the local cuisine.


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