The lighthouse of Fenaio: excursion along the North coast of the island

It’s on the northern side of Giglio Island, on the promontory of the same name. If you’re particularly trained, you can reach it by following a path from Scopeto. In this way you’ll see one of the most important lighthouses in Giglio Island: the Fenaio one.

The lighthouse of Fenaio was inaugurated in 1883, the same year of the activation of the Capel Rosso lighthouse. It was realized by the Italian Navy, which in that period was called Regia Marina.

It’s not the oldest of Giglio Island (record of the Caccarecce one, today disused), but it’s between the ones that leave a strong impression. Not just for its form (its white and red tower is simply unique), but also for the panorama you can admire (the lighthouse is almost overhanging the sea).

How to reach the Fenaio lighthouse? You have two choices. The first is to rent a boat in Giglio Campese, on the West coast. Alternatively, as said before, you can walk along one of the two trekking paths that goes from Scopeto to Punta del Fanaio: the view is simply amazing.


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