Lighthouses of Giglio Island: excursions to the Capel Rosso lighthouse

The journey to discover the lighthouses of Giglio continues. And the next stage is where the island offers one of its most beautiful views overlooking the sea that surrounds it: we are talking about the lighthouse of Capel Rosso.

The lighthouse – The shape of the lighthouse is immediately recognizable: it is composed of a red and white rectangular main building; on the main building rises an octagonal white tower. Built in 1883, today is completely automated (when he was built, the building housed the lodgings of the guards).

Capel Rosso point – If the structure is immediately recognizable, the landscape in front of the lighthouse cannot be forgotten so easily. Walking along the cliff (be always very carefully), you will find a staircase carved into the rock that reaches the base of the cliff. While in front of you lies a deep-blue sea.

How to get there –The lighthouse of Capel Rosso is located on Capel Rosso promontory. If you are good walkers, starting from Giglio Castello it takes about two hours and a half to get to the lighthouse. A feast for the eyes and the nose, with scents of the sea mixed with the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.


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