The Lovers’ Lighthouse: a journey to a romantic island

The lighthouse on Giglio IslandThe sea charm. Surrounded by a pine forest that inspires intimacy. While you gaze at the horizon, with your lover. Giglio island is a very romantic place. As its lighthouse, known as the Lovers’ Lighthouse. It’s the old lighthouse called Vaccarecce, now disused.

Also known as the ancient lighthouse of Giglio island, it is located in the northern part of the island, on the top of a promontory nearby Giglio Castello, one of Giglio island localities. The lighthouse is totally surrounded by the pine forest on Isola Blu. Here, the sea breeze and the sound of the waves are the only sounds lovers listen to.

A small parkway climbs up the slopes and reaches the lighthouse. Its celebrity is due to the novel Scusa ma ti chiamo amore by Federico Moccia: the Roman writer took inspiration from Vaccarecce Lighthouse to write the lighthouse scene.

Giglio Island is the ideal destination for lovers, not only for its lighthouse, but also for the old stone houses, for its slow rhythm of life, for its cozy atmosphere, for the intimacy you can feel. For these reasons Giglio island is one of the most attractive islands of Tuscan archipelago, full of charm and of sea breeze.

Lovers can’t stay in the lighthouse at night but they can stop near the lighthouse to admire it and to have a romantic journey.


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