Islands near Giglio: 4 ideas for great excursions during your next holiday

Giglio Island is the destination of your next Summer holiday. But you don’t want to visit only Giglio. Because the Tuscan Archipelago is famous for its beauty. And, to be sure to spend a very unforgettable holiday, you want to know which are the islands near Giglio.

  1. Giannutri. It’s the most easy-to-reach island near Giglio, and one of the most recommended boat trips during a holiday. Giannutri is an unspoiled, wild small island.
  2. Elba Island. The largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago is a very famous and, obviously, beautiful place to see. If you’re planning a one-day excursion here, we have the itinerary for you: what to see on Elba Island in one day.
  3. Pianosa. In 1999, the penitentiary was closed and a second life began for Pianosa Island, one of the jewels of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Today, it represents a real natural treasure.
  4. Montecristo. The most inaccessible and wild island of the archipelago. A so unique and charming place that inspired Alexandre Dumas for his The count of Montecristo. Only one thousand persons per year can visit Montecristo: for further information, contact Corpo forestale di Follonica.


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