5 things to know if you are going on holiday on Giglio Island

The destination of your next vacation is chosen: it is Giglio Island. Because you’ve never been and you want to visit a beautiful place. Before you go, there are useful information, 5 things you need to know to organize your holiday.

  1. How to get there – You can reach the island by ferryboats from Porto Santo Stefano, near Argentario. You can choose among different solutions to arrive at Porto Santo Stefano: auto, motorcycle, plane, train.
  2. Moving aroud – You can embark a car or a motorcycle on the ferry. Alternatively, there is an efficient public transport that connects the main towns of Giglio Island. Finally (more expensive solution) you can move around by taxi.
  3. Localities – They are three: Giglio Porto (where the ferries arrive, on the east coast of the island), Giglio Campese (on the west coast) and Giglio Castello (in the central part of the island). These are the three places where you can find houses, hotels and any other type of service (restaurants, bars, pharmacies, etc).
  4. Beaches – Surely the main reason for which annually hundreds of visitors go to Giglio Island for their holidays. The most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island are five: Cannelle, Caldane, Arinella, degli Alberi, Campese. Alternatively, there are several coves to explore along the coast.
  5. What to eat – During a holiday you have to taste Giglio Island typical dishes, such as palamita alla gigliese, coniglio alla cacciatora, cacciucco, panficato.

These are the five things to know if you are going on holiday on Giglio Island. And now there is only one thing to do: book a ferry ticket.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/mcgurme

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