How many days to spend on Giglio Island, Tuscany? We have 4 ideas for you

How many days to spend on Giglio Island, Tuscany? Well, it’s not easy to say. Because this island is a real paradise for every vacationer, from sport enthusiasts to people who want only to relax on beaches touched by a wonderful sea.

However, we can help you to choose with these four itieneraries. After reading them, you will surely find the best solution for you.

  1. One day. Itinerary recommended if you’d like to visit coast and islands of Tuscany. In one day you can see Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello or Giglio Campese, and a couple of the most beautiful beaches on the island (although the journey is not in summer).
  2. Two days. Giglio Island will amaze you in forty-eight hours. You will spend the first day in Giglio Porto (morning) and in Giglio Castello (evening). The second day will be dedicated to Giglio Campese and some of the most beautiful beaches that Giglio Island can offer.
  3. A weekend. According to many, three is the ideal number of days to visit Giglio. Three days during which you can discover Porto, Giglio and Campese, enjoy the relaxation of the most beautiful beaches, practice your favourite sport or spend a romantic weekend with your better half.
  4. One week. In this case, you have enough time to discover the several shades of Giglio Island: beaches, sports, relaxation, traditions, lesser-known coves, history, and nature. You can customize the itinerary however you like.


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