How big is Giglio Island? Much more than you think

How to get there, moving around, which are the most beautiful beaches, which are the sports and, in general, the activities that you can practice. These are common questions. But there is another one that is on everyone’s, absolutely on everyone’s mind when people are considering the possibility to spend a holiday here: how big is Giglio Island?

Official response: 24,01 square kilometers. It’s small, you can say. But you must not be mistaken, this is only a cold number. Because, even if it’s apparently small, the things to do and to see on Giglio Islands are really, really several.

Need some examples?

  • In addition to the five main beaches, there are several coves along the rugged coastline of the island, and each of them is to see.
  • Thirty-one. That’s how many different paths cross the whole Giglio Island. These are various difficulty and various length routes, suitable for all hikers, from beginner to expert.
  • The most beautiful dive sites of Giglio Island are seven. But they are certainly not the only ones. The rugged coastline of the island is a constant surprise and offers always new places to explore with wetsuit, mask and scuba tanks.

And, in addition to this, there are the three towns to visit, the typical dishes to taste, the less-known places to discover, the ancient traditions of the island, the lighthouses, the most romantic places. So, how big is Giglio Island? Much, much more than you can think.


Image source: “Aerial view of Isola del Giglio, 2006-06-04” di Sky Eckstrom – originally posted to Flickr as Some Island. Con licenza CC BY-SA 2.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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