Holiday on Giglio Island: 5 things you should know to plan the journey

When Summer is forthcoming, it’s time to plan the next holiday. And, since Giglio Island is the chosen destination for this year, there are five things you really should know to spend an unforgettable vacation.

  1. How to get there. This is the first thing to know if you are planning a holiday here. Ferries to Giglio Island depart from Porto Santo Stefano, in the province of Grosseto. And you can get to Porto Santo Stefano by car, by train o by airplane.
  2. Parking. Have you decided to get to Porto Santo Stefano by car? In this case, near the port you will find several solutions for parking your car or camper. For further information, visit Monte Argentario municipality official website,
  3. Moving around. Giglio is a “small” island. But it is alto great place for a holiday, with several things to see and to do. To visit the island, you can get a car, a camper or a motorcycle onto a ferry. If you don’t want to drive during this vacation, you can use the public transport of the island: the buses will bring you to the villages and the most beautiful beaches of Giglio.
  4. Where to stay. The village on Giglio Island are three: Giglio Porto (east coast), Giglio Castello (in the heart of the island) and Giglio Campese (west coast). In this three villages there are hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes.
  5. By car or by foot? It depends on the kind of vacation that you’d like to spend. If the holiday will be with family, have a car is the best solution. Instead, if you like walking, it’s possible to discover Giglio Island by foot.


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