The ancient story of Giglio Island: 4 places to see during a holiday

The beaches and the excursions are not the only attractions of Giglio Island. In fact, this destination is a very old place, and its story is ancient. A story that has left several and invaluable sites of historical and archaeological interest.

Such as these four places, that can be considered the most important of the island:

  1. Villa del Saraceno. It is located in Giglio Porto, near the small bay and near the homonymous cove. Here there are the remains of a tank used for fish farming, near a Roman mansion built between the first and the second century AD. This mansion, which maybe belonged to Enobarbi Domini family, today doesn’t exist. It was a large structure with vaulted ceilings, stucco, mosaics, opus reticulatum walls.
  2. Torre del Lazzaretto. Another place near the town of Giglio Porto. It has a quadrangular plan, overlooks the sea and was built by Medici family. Originally, it was used as watchtower against pirate ships. At the end of the Seventeenth century, it was used as leper hospital (“lazzaretto”), and this is the origin of the name.
  3. Nave oneraria romana. A ship that was used for the transport of market products. The wreck was found in 1982, it lies at 38 meters deep. Along with the wreck, several amphorae were recovered.
  4. Villa di Giannutri. The last leg of this journey to discover the story of Giglio Island. It is one of the most important things to see in Giannutri. These are the remains of an ancient Roman mansion that belonged to the rich Domini Enobarbi family. Near the mansion there are the remains of a small landing place.


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