Holiday on Giglio Island in winter: the 7 things to do

Giglio Island in winter

Giglio Island is not just sea, coast and beaches. It is a destination to visit and discovered throughout the year. And even in winter there are many things to do. For a holiday enriched by uncontaminated nature, total relaxation, and ancient traditions.


1. Villages

They are Giglio Porto, Giglio Castello and Giglio Campese. The first is the place where the ferries dock, the second is a Medieval village and the third is on the east coast of the island. Here you will spend few days following the slow rhythms of the traditions and of the daily work, walking through the streets and squares.


2. Beaches

Tranquillity and mild temperatures are the characteristics of Giglio Island in winter. A period during which the nature of this destination shows all its beauty. A beauty that can also be discovered by visiting the most beautiful beaches of the island, which in winter will offer very evocative landscapes.


3. Hunting and fishing

Game hunting and fishing are two of the sports that can be practiced on Giglio Island. For further information (licenses and laws), you can visit comune di Isola del Giglio official website,


4. Walks and trails

Mild temperatures, as already said. Ideal for walks and excursions in nature. Along paths and trails from which you can see the sea, and enjoy the scent of flowers and plants, such as daffodils, marigolds, myrtles, rosemary. A pleasure for the eyes and for the sense of smell.


5. Events

Christmas, New Years’ Eve, Epiphany and Carnival are the most important events of the year. During these occasions, the several Giglio Island cultural associations plan events for kids and adults.


6. Diving

For every diving enthusiast, Giglio Island is as beautiful on the surface as it is under the sea. Because there are so many dive sites. Among the most beautiful, we must mention, at least, secca Zampa di Gatto, punta di Capel Rosso and scoglio di Pietrabona.


7. Culinary specialties

There is no holiday without tasting the culinary specialties of the place. And this holiday on Giglio Island is certainly not an exception: pesce in scaveccio, cacciucco, totani ripieni and panficato are just some examples of the several things to eat.


Giglio island is a place to see even in winter. Is it your next journey? Therefore you have to book a ferry ticket.


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