Giglio Island what to do: the seventh stage is the faro del Fenaio

The nickname of Giglio Island could be “the island of the lighthouses”. For the previous stage, you have walked towards the faro delle Vaccarecce, the so called “lovers’ lighthouse”. Now, it’s time to hike towards the faro del Fenaio, next stage of this journey.

  • The lighthouse. Built in 1883, it isn’t the oldest of the island of Giglio (in fact, the oldest is faro delle Vaccarecce) but is among those that the visitors remember the most: its red and white tower is simply unique, and the view is breathtaking.
  • Where it is. The Fenaio lighthouse is located on the promontory of Fenaio, the northernmost part of Giglio Island.
  • How to get there. From Giglio Castello, the town situated in the heart of the island, there is a path that reaches the lighthouse of Fenaio. It is a pleasant five kilometers long walk and it takes about one hour, between the scents of the sea and the Mediterranean scrub.
  • Another good idea. An idea that you can easily guess looking at the picture above. There are stairs, carved into the rock of the cliff, which reaches the sea. This excursion, therefore, could end with a nice bath in the beautiful sea of Giglio Island. But you have to be very, very careful.


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