Giglio Campese: third stage of this journey to discover Giglio Island

During the previous stage, you were in Giglio Castello, in the heart of the island. From here, several trails lead to Giglio Campese, on the west coast of Giglio Island. Some of these (such as the paths Campese-Castello and Castello-Le Grotte-Campese) take less than an hour. Others, such as Castello-Dolce Aiarella-Campese, are much more demanding.


1. The tower of Campese

Arrived in Campese, the first thing to see is the symbol of this village: the Campese tower, a bulwark against the pirates built in the Sixteenth century by Cosimo I de ‘Medici. This tower took part in the legend of San Mamiliano dei Turchi.


2. The sea stack

You can see it, rising from the sea and near the promontory, from Campese tower. The sea stack is one of the most famous views of Giglio Island. You car reach it walking along a suggestive path overlooking the sea.


3. The Campese beach

Between the tower and the sea stack there is one of the most beautiful beaches of Giglio Island: it’s the beach of Campese. It’s a sandy beach, the largest of the island, in a bay that protects the beach from the winds.


4. Church San Rocco al Campese

One of the most modern churches of the island, it is near the tower.


5. Culinary specialties

You will surely be hungry after so much walking. Between via di Mezzo Franco e via Provinciale you will find several and excellent restaurants. To relax and to taste the typical dishes of Giglio Island.


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