Giglio Island what to do second stage: towards Giglio Castello

There’s a trail that, from Giglio Porto, leads to Giglio Castello, second stage of this journey. This trail is called mulattiera Porto-Castello (“Porto-Castello mule track”). It’s about two kilometers long and it takes about one hour and twenty minutes.


1. The Medieval walls

Get to Giglio Castello through one of several doors in the ancient Medieval walls, which surrounds the town. Less than one kilometer long, the walls are defended by ten towers.


2. The castle

The starting poit to discover Giglio Castello is its symbol. The Rocca aldobrandesca was built in a strategic position, in order to defend the village. If this castle is impressive, even more impressive is the view that you can admire from the summit of the Rocca.


3. Piazza della Rocca

Tombstones, carvings and coats of arms narrate the ancient history of Giglio Island. Especially in piazza della Rocca (a small square):

  • Dux Etruriae (the name of Ferdinand II) is carved on the entrance door to the gatehouse
  • Medici family coat of arm stands on the back of the second gateway


4. Chiesa di San Pietro

This church protects the most important historical treasures of the island: an ivory crucifix by Giambologna; the arm of San Mamiliano; weapons and items abandoned during the last raid of pirates, in 1799.


5. The palmenti

A road leads from Giglio Castello to the sea of Giglio Campese. Along this street, small stone constructions suddenly appear. They are the so-called palmenti: these stone “houses” were used by local farmers to press the grapes.


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